Canopsis workshop for december

A first Canopsis workshop has been organized in Nantes to test and try the first ready Canopsis features. here’s a complete feedback of what happened.


  • Olivier JAN – Lead project & CFSL engineer
  • William PAIN – Core developper
  • Tristan CARRANANTE – Interface developper
  • Romuald FRONTEAU – Monitoring engineer & CFSL engineer

Canopsis manipulations

We started this workshop withe some manipulations on the « unstable » version of Canopsis (which is the sole version for the moment) to have an idea of the development progress. We ‘ve created personnalised view to learn how to manipulate widgets. A feature was proposed on the possibility to select on or more components with the « Ctrl » key in order to delete them. This has been directly taken in account by Tristan.

Alpha testing

Two bugs were identified when you were saving a view :

  • Bug #41
  • Bug #42

Those bugs were closed right after testing.

Mockups presentation

Romuald presented us some ideas for the interface. Drag’n drop possibilities has been adopted as a must have in order to create the views in Canopsis. Here are the mockups presented :

  • Reporting Calendar Calendar reporting
  • Dashboard Example Dashboard example
  • View Editor Canopsis editor view
  • Reporting Example Reporting example

Technical reporting presentation

Romuald has given us a partner wishes for technical reporting and functionnalities he expected. He also spoke about priorities and deadline for a first production ready version.

Olivier asked two questions : Measuring number of events is it really so important and why ? About the CSV extraction, what datas are needed ?

Creation of a hypervision taxonomy

Service is not a so good friend. We have a definition of service both in Nagios, ITIL and also in Unix (DNS, HTTP…) We think it’s time to have a reflexion about the meaning of each word we’ll use in the context of hypervision. The result will be publish on the canopsis website.

Next workshop

The next workshop will be in Nantes around january of 2012. As usual, this workshop is open to anyone that would like to attend. You just have to contact us for doing so.