got a makeover !

This year, Canopsis underwent a lot of changes in its code base and now offers a community website more scaled to your needs.

Here, you can find all the information needed to :

Our teams are working relentlessly to bring you the Sakura version of Canopsis which will be available in the weeks to come.
A demo will also be available very soon.

The agenda of this new version is as follow :


  • Revamped UI. ExtJS has been dropped for the more dynamic EmberJS coupled with Bootstrap
  • All the widgets have been re-imagined around this new interface
  • Highcharts has been set aside, preferring the use of Flotcharts


  • Profiles & rights system re-designed + CAS Authentification
  • Storage renewed. New storage system is technology agnostic and data-oriented in order to improve scalability and adaptivity functionalities instead of depending on a technology which can become obsolete tomorrow. Any SQL or NoSQL database can be bound to Canopsis. Now, Canopsis does not respect philosophy of bound storages such as MongoDB. It respects hypervision requirements.


  • Addition of a Filtering Engine
  • Management of the acknowledgments


  • Addition of a EDC connector allowing the connection between SQL databases and Canopsis
  • Addition of a JMETER connector

And many more features will be introduced in Sakura. All of them will be described in the changelog to come and through articles to be published here.

Stay connected !

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