Canopsis Blog got a makeover !

This year, Canopsis underwent a lot of changes in its code base and now offers a community website more scaled to your needs. Here, you can find all the information needed to : Understand the project Contribute Follow the latest functional and technological advancements Our teams are working relentlessly to bring you the Sakura version of Canopsis which will be available in the weeks to come. A demo will also be available very soon. The agenda of this new version See more

Windows Eventlog to Logstash with Snare

Because it’s not possible sometimes to install a full Logstash client on your servers for whatever reason you may argue (too big, Java, memory consumption…), the Logstash cookbooks contains a certain number of [light log shipper clients]( So you have plenty of choice in the Unix world, but when it comes to Windows platforms, it’s not so easy to follow Eventlogs in a clean fashion to Logstash. So here is my last and quite successfull try to do so with See more

Introducing PhantomJS and CasperJS

I told you in a previous post that the Canopsis dev team has choosen [PhantomJS]( and [CasperJS]( for unit testing of the Web User Interface of Canopsis. Considering the numerous tests to make, the more people knowing these two tools, the more whe should get helping making those unit tests. So let me introduce Casper the Phantom and make some experiments.

Canopsis 032013

Today the dev team has released Canopsis version 032013. Yes, i know, we’re already in 042103, but the freeze period has been a bit longer than usual to permit everyone to give feedbacks before releasing. Let see what we have in this new release of Canopsis.

DevOps online readings

You surely notice that Canopsis project gets much of its inspiration in DevOps “philosophy”. So here are some good DevOps reading to always stay on top of the wave. [PlanetDevOps]( should be your one stop reading for everything about DevOps. Like all other planets available on Interent, it’s an aggregation of blog posts but for DevOps. And yes, many of the resources below are already on this planet but i wanted to highlight some of them because i tend to read See more

UI Unit tests

The dev team is slowly but surely progressing in implementing User Interface unit tests. They are here for example to ensure that no regression can occur on previous developped features. They have chosen PhantomJS and CasperJS to make such tests. Feel free to ask if you want to contribute to make such tests.

Central Syslog server with NXlog, Logstash & Kibana

You can find really powerfull tools for making a central syslog server in the Open Source world; from the “traditional” [Rsyslog]( + [LogAnalyzer]( setup to the new players like [Graylog2]( Apart from these excellent tools, i’m also using a new chain tool in my log arsenal : [NXLOG](, [logstash](, [Kibana]( Let’s discover the setup i use. ## NXlog > [NXLOG]( is a universal log collector and forwarder supporting different platforms (BSD, Unix, Linux, Windows, Android), log sources and protocols (Syslog, Windows EventLog, See more